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With 20+ years in the video and photography industry, I've been engaged to cover quite a number of historical events that happened across the Asian region in the recent years. From the 1st Formula 1 race in Malaysia to the SEA Games in Laos and Olympics in Australia. Since 2010, based out of Kuala Lumpur, my team and I have been engaged to cover a number of corporate clients and notable individuals as well as festivals in the Asian region. To get in touch with us to use our service, Just head over to the contact section and drop me a message.

Through ABOOD PLT., my team and I also provides Event Production as well as Procurement services. Our core team has a combined 30+ years of experience in the event industry organizing festivals and corporate functions as well as corporate training services. We also have a team that has a strong network in the business world that enabled us to provide procurement services to various businesses looking for specific items or services. To reach out to us, you can drop me a message via the floating button at the bottom right or write in to us at info@mikeyip.com or aboodmediamy@gmail.com

If you are stumped by the photo, yes, I dance as well, mainly Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango. I have since stopped performing due to injuries but if you are looking for performers for corporate events/functions/parties/festivals. Do drop me a message as well as I manages some of the dance teams that is currently making the rounds performing for various clients.

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We pride ourselves at being good and efficient in what we do and we always try our best to deliver services that exceeds our client's expectations.

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Neffos C5 Max Launched in Malaysia

TP-Link, the brand name more popularly known for their products in the networking industry has now joined the fray in the already saturated telecommunication industry with the latest edition to their Neffos C5 series.

Designed for lifestyle users, the Neffos C5 Max boasts an innovative design, stunning display and attractive features to power consumers’ everyday lives.

“TP-LINK entered the smartphone market in March this year with the launch of the Neffos C5 and C5L. These models were well-received by consumers since its debut in Malaysia and we saw the opportunity to further expand the Neffos C5 series with the Neffos C5 Max, to cater to the ever-evolving needs of consumers and their varied lifestyles, “said Hugo Cai, Country Manager, TP-LINK Distribution Sdn. Bhd.

“Today, the launch of the Neffos C5 Max marks the entrance of a significantly more powerful device which features a crystal-clear display, upgraded camera megapixels on both the rear and front camera and an even more powerful processor. We feel that the Neffos C5 Max provides consumers with an enhanced user experience with its newly-improved features”, he added.

It is hard for me to comment whether the phone is good or not as what I played with at the launch is still very much the typical device with the standard items installed, it is when we start populating the phone with social media apps and games, that's when we can tell whether this RM699 phone can give the big players a run for their money.

World Bachata Festival 2010

This is sort of a throwback album to the very 1st World Bachata Festival held in Kuala Lumpur. At that time, the festival was held at La Bomba in Bukit Bintang. Here's the album for you to browse through.

Album at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.708476265958403&type=1&l=6c66d47299

UNBOXING: ORB-01 Akatsuki MG 1/100 With Oowashi & Shiranui backpacks by Dragon Momoko Dragon

Got hold of a ORB-01 Akatsuki MG 1/100 With Oowashi & Shiranui backpacks by Dragon Momoko Dragon. Here's my unboxing of the  little gem.

Will do a more in-depth review of the kit once I bashed it together. So do come back for a read in a week's time? Planning to take my own sweet time in putting this together between work instead of a marathon build.

Work: Concert Photography

Something that I do for a living, covering a myriad of activities, events, concerts, functions, parties for a living. Here's a collection of images I captured at a concert recently where I was engaged as the official photographer to cover the host of celebrities for the whole build up to the Live show.

I'm sure you would recognize some of these artistes.  Can you name them all?

Studio Photoshoot + Time Lapse

Did a shoot with a friend for her dance profile recently and  what better way to document the whole process than to record a time-lapse of the shoot myself. I mentioned to her that I'm doing a timelapse but she don't really know where I was placing the camera. So enjoy, guess by the time she's back from her travels, she might also get a chance to view the time lapse herself.

I was asked quite frequently how did I do it? Well, Time-Lapse was recorded using the HTC RE camera, small, easy to use and it's also waterproof so I bring it around everywhere I go. You can buy it at HTC stores or at their online shop.

Improvised Argentine Tango Performance

Bad screen capture, click the video below for the actual video.
Did this routine some time back, improvising an Argentine Tango performance for a small group of students at Rhythm Identity with Sylvia Yeoh. The music is one of my favorite Bajofondo's tune: Zitarossa

The Magicians on IFLIX

If you're into the fantasy world of Magic and  the likes of Harry Potter, you might like this. The Magicians season 1 is now available of IFLIX.

Based on the 1st book: The Magicians by Lev Grossman, it's about Quentin Coldwater, a grad student at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy who learn of his fate as a magic user and how the world around him will ultimately changed because of the path he choose.

It's a nice series, but personally, there's a few hits and misses here and there throughout the 13 episodes but I was told that there'll be a season 2 by SYFY so I guess the series is good enough to dwell into The Magician King (2nd book) for season 2?

We'll just have to wait and see, IFLIX mentioned that they will carry season 2 as well once it is available. So hooray for the Asian market! If you want to read the trilogy this series is based on, you can check out the abovementioned 2 books and the final one, The Magician's Land. That is if you can't wait for the TV series.

Air-Fried Salmon in 6 minutes

I'm a big fan of salmon, love eating them raw and also love preparing them in various manners. One of the cooking process I've been using since discovering the steps online was with the Air-Fryer. There's a few places I usually go to for fresh salmons but if you are lazy to shop around, you can get farmed salmons from most hypermarts. It's easy to tell the difference but I'll dwell on that on another post (so you'll come back to read this site more and more... right?)



  1. Wash, cut to preferred slice (if you got a  big piece of salmon) and de-bone the fish thoroughly
  2. Pat dry with paper towel
  3. Seasoned to your preference. For wild salmons, all we need is a pinch of salt and black pepper.



  1. Pre-heat airfryer at 180°C for 15 minutes.
  2. Arrange the fish with skin side up (if you want to fry with the skin), especially with farmed salmon, it will get super oily and if your skin is at the bottom, it will not be crispy.
  3. Set Timer to 6 minutes
  4. Wait for Magic to happen.
  5. To achieve Crispy skin, open the air-fryer at 4th minute and peel the skin off the top of the fish and place it besides the flesh so it will cook by itself.
  6. Remove fish from Air-Fryer after it is done.
  7. Set timer for another 2 minutes for the skin to fry until crispy. (Use a flat plate to weight the skin down so it won't fold into itself when all the oil and liquid is fried off the skin)
  8. Once it's done, remove from tray and decorate on top of the fish before serving.

Now, if you wish to place a big piece of salmon into the air-fryer instead of cutting it up, do sear the skin to allow it to cook through. First time I tried it without searing the skin, the middle of the flesh was not cooked through. My mistake, but at least it can be a tip for those who wants to do the same as me.

Do you have a good recipe for sauce to go with the salmon? Why not share with me by commenting below?

Langkawi to impose levy on tourists from Jul 1

A levy will be imposed on tourists on the resort island of Langkawi in the Malaysian state of Kedah, from Jul 1 for each day of stay, said Kedah Tourism Committee chairman Mohd Rawi Abdul Hamid on Sunday (Jun 19).

The Langkawi Tourism Promotion Levy will range between RM1 (US$0.25) and RM9. It will be imposed by the Langkawi Municipal Council City of Tourism and the quantum would depend on the class of accommodation, according to Mr Mohd Rawi.

Tourists staying in one-star or two-star hotels would be charged RM1 per room per night; three-star or four-star accommodation, RM3; five-star accommodation, RM5; six-star accommodation, RM7; and seven-star accommodation, RM9, he told Bernama.

He added that the levy was not something new because similar charges had been imposed in Melaka, Penang and Kuala Lumpur to promote the tourism industry.

Mr Mohd Rawi, who is the state assemblyman for Ayer Hangat, said the amount of levy was minimal and the tourists coming to Langkawi could afford it.

He said Kedah depended a great deal on federal government allocations to promote tourism and the levy would help ease the financial dependence.

"If we can collect a satisfactory amount of levy, we can implement more tourism-related programmes for the benefit of the tourists," he added.

He said the levy could be eventually extended to other places in Kedah.


Air-Fried Sweet Potato in 20 minutes!

Here's how easy it is to make Air-Fried Sweet Potato! All you need are .... Sweet Potatoes (Depending on how much you can eat) and an Air Fryer!

No brands need to be mentioned here cause I don't get sponsored for making my own meals. Sweet Potatoes, you can get from the wet market or from any hypermarket. One thing my mom (Yes, I still rely on my mom to consult me on a lot of things regarding cooking, she's my Masterchef!) told me is that sweet potatoes purchased from hypermarkets take a longer time to cook as compared to the ones we buy from the wet market.


  1. Wash the Sweet Potatoes properly to remove excess dirts.
  2. Prep the air fryer to 180 degrees
  3. Drop into the Air Fryer tray
  4. Set timer to 20 minutes and wait for the magic to happen.
    For sweet potatoes from hypermarkets, you'd have to cook it for 25minutes.
  5. Remove from Tray and EAT once you hear the chimes of the timer when it's done.
 Easy and fuss free. It's a tad more work than making Air-Fried Roast Pork but just as much fun to eat. Got an interesting tip I should also try with the Air-Fryer? Let me know in the comment below.

Breakfast @ Lum Chong Kee Bamboo Wantan Noodles (林忠记竹升面)

It's at this restaurant!

I enjoy a good plate of wantan mee or wantan noodles and over the years, have eaten quite a few of them. Some of my favorite stalls for wantan noodles over the years have since closed down (retired after being in business for so many years) or has dropped in quality and it has been a hit and misses here and there.

One place I found to have started to gain momentum with a consistent good plate of wantan mee is this stall at the Kepong Crab House restaurant. The stall's name is Lum Choong Kee Bamboo Wantan Noodles (林忠记竹升面), and I say consistent because I've been here a couple of times since I discovered the place and the texture of the noodles and their barbeque pork (char siew) has been consistent in quality.

You place your order with a lady seated next to the stall and after you collect your number, you just need to wait a couple of minutes before your dish is served. From what I've seen in those visits, even though their operation hour is until 1pm, the rate at which people drop by and order grew by 8ish and by 9, the guys behind the stall is in full blown production mode as they churns out plates after plates of noodles and side dishes without stopping.

At my last visit, by 10ish, the row of char siew hanging in the stall would have dwindled down to just a few bits here and there. So if you want to grab a plate, the best time would be between 8 and 9 am.

Managed to request for additional Pork Lards!! Bonus!

The main dish, Wantan Noodles (竹升面). The texture of the noodles is good, properly cooked through but maintaining the right amount elasticity. The dark sauce is not too thick and the overall plate isn't too oily even when there's a hearty amount of deep fried pork lards and barbeque pork in the plate. I guess the best proof of quality is when I dropped by and I was wearing white and got worried that my shirt will be littered with bullet wounds at the end of the meal but I survived! No splatter of dark sauce on my shirt!

Next was one of the side dish, a bowl of Wantan, I must say that compared to a lot of other places, the wantan from LCK is huge! Texture of the meat within the wantan pouch is just nice with the right amount of lean meat and fats.

They also have Pork Meat Balls, made by the LCK team (I was told), the meat texture is pretty solid and sweet. And all these 3 dishes are what I always order each time I'm there, yes, these look a lot for a single person to eat but then, each time I eat here, I also had a long day of on-location work and I would say that these are pretty filling and kept me going through the day.

As it's a Coffee Shop, we can never say no to a nice cold glass of local coffee. No matter how much I visit cafes for boutique coffees, nothing kick starts the day than a nice cup of locally roasted coffee. It gives me the right kind of boost that I can never get with all the coffee from around the world. Also, there's half boil eggs as well but be warned, don't rely on the measurement pot as the restaurant overfill the amount of boiling water into it. So I usually set my own timer and remove the eggs after 3 minutes once it reaches my table.

There are quite a number of other stalls in the restaurant but from what I observed, customers have consistently visit LCK first before heading to other stalls if they are told that they need to wait. Again, like i mentioned above, if you want to get a good plate of noodle without waiting too long, try to get to the restaurant before 9am.

Lum Choong Kee Bamboo Wantan Noodles

c/o Restaurant Kepong Crab House
42, Jalan SS 23/11, Taman Sea,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours: (Wednesday - Monday) 7:45 am – 1:00 pm
(Off on Tuesday)

Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw2838r8k8







Click to enlarge

Dinner @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Recently, my friends and I decide to go Betty's for dinner, it's been awhile since we last step into that place and decide that when the craving strikes, we shouldn't hold back. So at 5.30pm, we step into the restaurant, sat ourselves down and order what we wanted to eat. Wait... before we touch on the food, try to get there early as the crowd gets crazy as it gets towards dinner time. By 6pm, the place was already filled with customers! No kidding you, we didn't feel like super kiasu because there are people going there for food as early as we did.

First order of business when we got there. As we were out for our "Boys Day Out" activities, we got pretty hungry pretty fast and first thing first is order drinks, loads of drinks. One of which is Stewarts Root Beer. It's not as sweet as the A&W Root Beer which is quite refreshing. It has that same Root Beerish flavor that we all know though so it is all good.

One of the main dish was served, there was the Root Beer Ribs, I think they only sell this on weekends as I didn't really see it on their menu when I went during week days. It's basically half slab of pork ribs with Root Beer glaze which combines a tinge of sweetness and a bite of savory goodness once you dig into it! The meat literally melts away from the bones with ease so it was AWESOME!

It's never enough to just have the Root Beer Ribs so I also ordered the Baby Back Ribs (350gm), marinated with their special rub and sauce and grilled to juicy perfection (that's the best way I could interpret it), tender and melts in your mouth. Served with coleslaw and fries but the star is definitely the ribs.

 Now, this is something that I don't touch but my friends swear by it. They call this plate Dog food, a plate of fries drenched in gravy, topped with cheese and oven baked. It does smells good and the guys finished it even after they complain that they are very full from all those ribs. So I guess it's really that good. I would say it's 4 out of 5 because I don't really fancy soggy fries, and minus another point because there's cheese in it.

Lastly, Crispy Bacon, 8 slices of deep fried and caramelized bacon for that crispy satisfaction. We actually ordered a few rounds of this. It's bacon, what more can I say?

It's definitely a place to go especially for PJ lads if you're craving for melt-in-your-mouth pork ribs and burgers but don't want to travel into Kuala Lumpur, yes, there's Morgansfield but I preferred the ribs here than there.


A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara,
47410 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
: +603-7880-0196
: (Tuesday - Sunday) 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 5.30 pm - 9.45 pm
Waze https://waze.to/lr/hw281zbe81







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