Air-Fried Sweet Potato in 20 minutes!

Here's how easy it is to make Air-Fried Sweet Potato! All you need are .... Sweet Potatoes (Depending on how much you can eat) and an Air Fryer!

No brands need to be mentioned here cause I don't get sponsored for making my own meals. Sweet Potatoes, you can get from the wet market or from any hypermarket. One thing my mom (Yes, I still rely on my mom to consult me on a lot of things regarding cooking, she's my Masterchef!) told me is that sweet potatoes purchased from hypermarkets take a longer time to cook as compared to the ones we buy from the wet market.


  1. Wash the Sweet Potatoes properly to remove excess dirts.
  2. Prep the air fryer to 180 degrees
  3. Drop into the Air Fryer tray
  4. Set timer to 20 minutes and wait for the magic to happen.
    For sweet potatoes from hypermarkets, you'd have to cook it for 25minutes.
  5. Remove from Tray and EAT once you hear the chimes of the timer when it's done.
 Easy and fuss free. It's a tad more work than making Air-Fried Roast Pork but just as much fun to eat. Got an interesting tip I should also try with the Air-Fryer? Let me know in the comment below.

Michael Yip

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