All-New Subaru XV (2018) appears in Malaysia

TC Subaru Sdn Bhd (better known to most as Subaru Malaysia) recently launched the 2018 All-New Subaru XV on Malaysian soil. It's a full model change since the original Subaru XV that was launched in 2012, the new XV is the 2nd model to employ the revolutionary Subaru global Platform.

As a happy owner of the Subaru XV STi model, my 1st impression of the car is that it has a lower stance compared to the previous version. It gives the car a whole new sportier look. While the older XV looks and is higher due to the suspension set-up, the new one rides low, as a 5' 10" man, the top of the new XV was about 15cm lower than my shoulder. Appearing in the 2.0i and 2.0i-P variants featuring Direct Fuel Injection, the N/A engines which produces 156PS at 6000rpm, it does feels lighter on the pedal and supposedly have better fuel economy (that's what was written on papers but real world drive always give a different result). And I thought the XV I'm using is already quite economical despite my semi-aggressive driving style.

It also features the Lineartronic CVT transmission that is 7.8kg lighter and have auto-step shift control with 7-speed manual mode functions. I won't bore you with the technical jargon because I personally prefers to judge the car based on how it feels on the road. But with a sales personnel beside me when I took the car out for a spin, I can say it is quite comfortable, responsive shift but was unable to try out the torque and roll of the car (There was quite a heavy traffic flow in the area).

For those that fancy the Steering Responsive Headlights, it is fitted in the 2.0i-P variant which looks like a sportier version of the 2.0i with touches of carbon fibre in and around the car. OTR price starts from RM118,819 inclusive of GST w/o insurance, the 2018 XV will be available in 6 colors: Sunshine Orange, Dark Blue Pearl, Pure White, Ice Silver Metallic, Dark Grey Metallic and Crystal Black Silica. Check out the ride at the nearest Subaru Showrooms, they are available now for you to touch, feel and test drive. Anyone planning to get one so we can take it out for a test up the mountain pass?

Michael Yip

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