My new Sling Bag from PTT Outdoor

Wanted to post about this gem earlier but decide that I'll put it through my stress test for a few weeks before I properly write one. I got this new Sling Bag from PTT Outdoor on the 7th July, so it's a good 20 days of using it whenever I get a chance to go out for work, donation drives or for my grocery runs

I'm one of those guys that doesn't like to have things in my pockets and prefer a bag to carry them in. Not very picky, just need one with adjustable sling and large storage capacity. I had 4 previously, the 1st was a pretty well used bag that I got from an army base. It finally fall apart after almost 15+ years of use. This followed by a similar bag from an outdoor brand which I used for a good while too until someone stole it when it was on my drying rack.

The 3rd one was a gift which didn't survive past 2 years and the last one was from before lockdown happened in early 2020 but start to crumple under the amount of things I stuffed into it. And now, I have this. I like the fact that I can easily adjust the sling to the length I want and it stays there until I adjust it again. So adjustable sling 

What I put in the Tahan bag

This gives you an idea what the amount of things I actually fit into the bag, my 2 GoPros, Swiss Army Knife and pencil case isn't in the photo as I was using it. So yes, this bag, despite the unassuming size, actually can hold a lot of stuff! I was pretty surprised as the 1st week of use, I didn't really put too much stuff in as I normally carry my work tablet and daily tablet by hand. Large storage capacity 

The surprise happened when I went for my 2nd vaccination and I needed some ways to hold the tablets. Without thinking much, figuring that since I only had my writing book in the bag, I could just slide the iPad in and hold the other tablet instead. Was pretty surprised that I managed to put both in, on top of the other things that is already in the bag.

20 days of use later, I decide to empty the bag, check the seams for tear and took the above photo. So far, it has hold up to the challenge, no tears or holes in the bag cause I know previous 2 bags died at the hand of the test pen screwdriver within days. It also held out under our Malaysian weather, the contents I had in the bag was pretty dry the couple of times I was caught under the rain, of course, there are 2 exposed pockets but I normally keep my keys and waterproof stuff in those 2 compartments. So, water resistance 

Would I recommend this bag if you're looking for a sling bag to use? YES! Am I happy with the one I'm using? YES! It might not be those fashionable type that a lot of metro guys goes for but heck, I'm not a fashionable man. 

As for the dimension of the bag and all that tech info, you can check them out at their official store here. The best part, value for money cause it's affordable. That's the 1st reason why I decide to buy it. 

My Ratings
Look & Feel
Ease of Use
Meeting my expectations
Value for money
Overall Ratings

Footnote: The above is just my own opinion of the product, it might vary to others. 

Michael Yip

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