Celebrity Voice Packs For Waze

If you're looking for a specific celebrity voice pack on Waze that is no longer in the app, I might have just the list for you, compiled along the way when I uses the app itself, I tend to do a back-up of the voice packs I downloaded and thought that sharing it here with you would be nice, especially when you like a specific voice guiding you to your destination. Below are the celebrities I've managed to get so far as well as the instructions on how to install the voice pack for the users that has not done this before. Enjoy and do share so others get to enjoy these voice-packs as well.

The downloadable files is right after this and the instructions to install the file is towards the bottom of the post. I'll update as often as I can with the latest  whenever a new update is available but I might occasionally missed one or two. At the moment, below is as updated as I could be and the latest one is T-Pain. Enjoy and do show some love, if you know of the one I'm missing, just drop me the link below and I'll update this list accordingly. In Total, there's 16 files from 15 Celebrities, so hope you enjoy switching through them as much as I did.

1. The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

2. C-3PO

2.1 Spanish C-3PO

  3. Morgan Freeman

4. Kevin Hart

5. Shaquille O'Neal

6. Terry Crews

7. T-Pain

8. Ed Helms

9. Stephen Colbert

10. Rob Gronkowski

11. Neil Patrick Harris

12. Jay Leno

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger

14. Colonel Sanders

15. Vlade Divac

16. Elvis Presley

Here’s a step-by-step to upload the Celebrity Voice pack!

Step 1 – Launch your waze app and go to Settings>Sound and select the English (US) – Randy pack, once application will automatically download the English (US) – Randy pack into your device so best is you have a good wifi connection or it’ll tax your mobile data quite a bit.

Step 2 – Download the celebrity you want from the links above.

Step 3 – Extract the file(s).

Step 4 – Connect your device to your computer and launch your Device Manager.

Step 5 – Open Waze>Sound>eng_randy and delete all the files inside that folder.

Step 6 – Open the eng_kevin (or any other artist's name) folder and select all the files in it. Drag (Copy & Paste) all the files into your Device Manager folder that you open earlier.

Step 7 – Once all the files is in, Restart your mobile device

Step 8 – Launch WAZE and ENJOY! (if you didn’t select any other sound pack after you select the Randy pack, it should work immediately, if not, just select the English (US) – Randy and you are good to go!)

The folders as seen in the phone's default File Manager 

Hope you manage to get your favorite Celebrity Voice into the app the way you like it. I will try to upload more files as I come across them.


  1. it doesnt work for me, as soon as i on my waze it starts download new voices :/

    1. What you can do is, let the voice pack from the app download first, and transfer after. The app tend to update the voice packs periodically so if your app has not been updated, then it will do that.

      It's a common occurrence and I tend to have to constantly replace the voice pack into the folder every few weeks because the update will overwrite the old ones.

  2. i think ue phone has to be rooted to access those files now bc i can't find it anywhere

    1. So far been doing it on mine that is not rooted and works fine for both my iPhone and HTC. I'm not an expert when it comes to the technical stuff of a smartphone maybe anyone out there can give a pointer?

  3. Google should simply offer more celebrity voices on the menu list!

    1. They update as they go, guess it's because WAZE has limited storage space and doesn't want to clog up too much space on our phones.

  4. Replies
    1. No, I use the Randy folder because they seldom update that voice pack unless it's a full app update.

  5. When I go in device storage in Android, I don't see a folder called emulated to let me get to the other subfolders such as 0 and Waze to delete the Randy files. My phone is not rooted also. Also which Device Manager are you using? Thanks

    1. I'm using the build in Samsung Device Manager/Folder Viewer. The Downloaded file should be located in the download folder that you have set. Once you unzip it into a folder, copy all the mp3 files.

      Then go into Waze's folder > sound > and choose the folder you want to update and just copy all the file over.

  6. Where is the emulated file in the device storage folder? I can't find that folder to get into the Waze folder! Thanks!

    1. Different devices labeled it different, my HTC has the emulated folder, my Samsung is just the App > Waze > Sound.

  7. how do I access the randy folder on my iPhone 6 don't see it ? so I can delete files ???? downloaded Morgan files but don't Know where to put them Help !!!

    1. For iPhone, you'd need to download a folder manager so you can see the .zip file.

      If you are using the computer, you can copy over using itunes as well.

    2. Still can't figure out how to get it working on iPhone 6. I have Morgan freeman downloaded but can't access the Waze folders.

  8. It's 2-19-2017 today. This work great! You don't have to use a computer to do this if you are familiar with how to move files on your phone. Just download the Randy files, then copy the new files into that folder, and overwrite. I'm going to have my wife record all 58 files for me and use those occasionally, as she enjoys "telling me where to go".

    1. HAHA, that'll be a riot. Should share the file . WAZE new sound, WIFE.

  9. There is no waze folder in that directory on my phone after downloading the voice pack.

  10. Hi,
    Do you know of a way to get this to work with the current version of Waze ( on Android? When navigating to the sound folder, there is only a folder for "eng", "heb", and "common" and even after I download Randy or Nathan, they do not show up.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. If you have not downloaded any sound files before, then your Sound folder should have very little folders.

      Launch your WAZE, select the sound file you want, let the app sync and then go back into the File Navigation, you should be able to see waze > sound (sort the folder by alphabetical and you'd see the sound folder under S), go in, choose the folder you want to replace the sound with and paste the mp3 into that folder.

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 7.0. I do not see the directory structure that you have mentioned. The directories that I have under /Phone are:
    Android App_Backup_Restore App2SD
    com.brother.ptouch.sdk com.facebook.katana data
    DCIM Documents Download
    G Cloud KdanPDFReader Oculus
    Pictures Playlists Recorders
    Samsung torqueLogs ProfileImageFinal

    On the SD Card the directories are:

    Accessibility Android App_Backup_Restore

    I cannot find a Waze directory or anything that has a sound directory. Suggestions?

    1. It's the SAMSUNG folder. That's where Samsung chuck all their app files.

    2. Nope. Under the Samsung directory is just one folder, Music.

    3. Weird, I'm using both Samsung and HTC and they show me folders as per the screenshot I posted. I've also searched google for some info that might help you but the indication is as what I written above.

      Would love to provide as much info as I can but can't seem to get a source that I could share with you to find the folder in your device.





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