Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fresh Oysters @ Shucked Oyster & Seafood Bar Publika

Discovered this place as asked my friend to pick a place to go for us to celebrate her birthday. Due to appointments, we could only grab lunch after 2pm and since we were both in the area, this is the best place to go, what not with the promotion they were having! Hidden away within the Ben's Independent Grocer's at the Lower Ground floor of the Publika Shopping Gallery, the Shucked Oyster & Seafood Bari is quite a cozy little space with a choice of sitting at the bar in front of al lthe oysters or by the tables they shared with the BIG's in-house cafe.

My friend had the Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs, lightly seasoned with sesame, the salmon was delicious and the scrambled eggs was just the typical scrambled eggs. We try to keep the meals light as our aim was to enjoy some oysters after.

I had the Salmon Marinara Linguine, part of their lunch set promotion. Was a bit annoyed as they actually forgot about my order and we were sitting there waiting while they were hanging around chatting among themselves. When we pointed it out to them that we ordered this along with the oysters, the manager on duty apologized profusely so we decide not to spoil the lunch by being upset with them. The texture of the Linguine was just nice and the salmon was delicious. It wasn't too fatty but the marinara could have been toned down a bit especially when there's salmon in it. The sourness could get overpowering and spoil the testing process when it's time for us to go for the oysters.

We started off Tragheanna Bay Oysters from Ireland and it was delicious! One of the reasons why I've never been into oysters and clams is simple because the ones I know off before this is either tasteless or isn't fresh so when I tried this, Wow! Juicy and I don't even need the lemon juices to bring out the flavor of the flesh. Texture wise, it's creamy and yet there's a little crunch to it so there's a good bite to it that brings out the saltiness of the sea these was grown in.

The next we had was the Dutch Creuses oysters  from the Netherlands, and it's another winner for me. Very creamy oysters that literally melts in my mouth. Whatever annoyance I had with the kitchen for my linguine literally melts away with each oysters I put into my mouth. Squeeze a bit of lemon into the flesh and the acidic juice brings out some wonderful flavor profile that my unsophisticated palate cant identify but enjoy tremendously.

There's plenty more varieties of oysters I've yet to try and I'll definitely pay Shucked another visit at a later time. Can't be doing this too often, despite the reasonable price the oysters are sold at, when we start eating, we can end up paying a lot when the final bills are tallied. There's also other branches around for Shucked but I'm pretty comfortable with this outlet. They also have the Southern Rock Seafood in Bangsar and that is also another nice place to go to. Especially when you want to get a bigger group together.


: +603-2282 8315
: (Mon - Sunday) 10:00 am – 10:00 pm,
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw28613q1s








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