Monday, May 30, 2016

Fresh Oysters @ Southern Rock Seafood
Pick the oysters you want and watch the skilled staffs shuck them in front of you.
In the most unlikeliest of places in Bangsar, hidden away from Jalan Bangsar is a shop that serves you some of the freshest oysters in Kuala Lumpur. A group of friends and I met up for lunch and decided on the place, best part of it all, we got there during their Oyster Carnival and lo and behold! Premium fresh oysters at a very good price. Couple with wines and stouts, perfect afternoon for me. Also, a chance to catch up with my friends outside of dance is refreshing too.

Mix Selection of Oysters
On sale was the Irish Premium from Ireland, Gallagher Specials from Ireland, Tragheanna Bay from Ireland, Cloudy Bay from New Zealand, Sydney Rock from Australia, Streaky Bay from Australia , West Mersea from England and Jersey Rock from England and we ordered all of them. As we ordered them as a mix selection, from the salty to the creamy, my favorite of the lots was the Irish Premium and Gallagher as they are sweet, creamy and retains a little crunch so there's a bit of bite into the oyster.

They also have a nice selection of fresh sashimi but I have to say that Top Catch edged them out in that category. Maybe because the cuts are slightly chunkier than Top Catch, the flavor and the sweetness of the meat isn't elevated even though they are fresh. 

Bunch of us skipping dance for a good afternoon of oysters.

While we were there, we got a chance to have a chat with Edward Gallagher and learn more about the process Irish Premium goes through in maintaining a certain quality of oysters before packaging for the market all thanks to Josh from Southern Rock. Even had the chance to share with Edward my little recipe for Guinness Cream to pair with the oysters. So let's see if this is a good alternative for Tabasco sauces that is more commonly used.

After a good meal of oysters, we sat back and enjoyed 2 hours of beautiful live music by Anthony Cummins and his friends.

Definitely will visit Southern Rock Seafood again for some fresh oysters aside from Shucks.


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