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If you are stumped by the photo, yes, I dance as well, mainly Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango. I have since stopped performing due to injuries but if you are looking for performers for corporate events/functions/parties/festivals. Do drop me a message as well as I manages some of the dance teams that is currently making the rounds performing for various clients.

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Video: How To Make The Ramly Burger

From the lady and children that make my favorite Ramly Burger, here's a look at how they prepared it when I have my usual Ramly Chicken Burger Special. It's one of those road side stalls/street food that we can go to at night as most of these stalls are located near to a 7 Eleven or a nearby pub.

That's the best way I could tell you where to hunt for the nearest Ramly Burger stalls, of course not all 7Eleven shops would have such a stall but they are usually around. You can also tell them the way you like the burger and in some places, they not only have the beef and chicken burgers but also lamb, rabbit and deer meat.

It's that simple but somehow, the stalls are the ones that can make it the way I like it, tried to do it myself at home but it doesn't turn out as great. How about you? How do you like your Ramly Burger made?

Kukus Stim Habis

Some friends came back recently and thought what better way to catch up than over food? And an ex-schoolmate of mine just opened Kukus in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, in a way, quite centralized for all of us from the surrounding area. Only annoyance I face with the area is that humans like to double park their cars in the tight single lane road in front of the shops rather than the big car park across the road. Simply because it's "more convenient and it's just for a short while". If it's low traffic period, I've no issues with it but it's a business area and traffic are constantly flowing and when 1 car can't get through, it creates a chain reaction that goes around the block.

Sorry, I digressed. You won't miss the restaurant as the sign's quite clean and big. The shop's pretty new, space wise, the place can sit quite a number of pax. To order food, you basically pick out the dishes or set meals you want from the big signage behind the cashier and place your order at the counter ala Fast Food Restaurant style. By the time you reach the collection counter, the food is all ready for you to collect. But being a new restaurants, there's bound to be some hiccups, especially when there's more customers. 

I started my brunch with a nice hot cup of local coffee, half boiled eggs (Telur Onz) and toasts. Quite typical dishes, but the eggs was about 30 seconds over but then, I'm just picky with how I like my half boiled eggs. The coffee wasn't too sweet compared to a lot of kopitiam styled restaurants that I ate in. That's good as some places, despite having a small cup to play with, tend to put more sugar than required and killed the bittersweet taste of the coffee beans.

Next on my agenda was the set meal, They have the Set Kukus Ekonomi, Set Kari Kapitan Cina,  Alakazam, Master Dulang, So depends on what you want, the Master Dulang is the biggest portion with a good variety of curry and sambal for you to go crazy with. I went for the Set Kukus Alakazam, it comes with a huge fried chicken drumstick. A good touch by the cashier was asking me the type of sambal I like, from the mild spiciness upwards. It's nice especially for a person like me that's pathetic when it comes to spicy food. I went for the mild one.

The rice was steamed to the right texture, the fragrant is there too along with it, there's some vegetables (which I have no love for and told them to skip on mine so that it won't taint the dish) and fried chicken along with the usual peanut and anchovies. I think aside from Village Park and Ali, Mutu and Ah Hock, this is the other shop that I know that serves such a huge piece of fried drumstick. But then, those two places are the only ones I've been to so if there's other places you think I should check out, do let me know by commenting below.

I'm not going to compare the way the chicken was fried as it's a totally different style. Most important for me is that the skin is crispy even though it left the kitchen for some time and the meat is properly cooked as I've encountered some restaurants that has rare meat around the bones because of the size of the meat.

Would I eat there again? Definitely, not just because the place belonged to a friend (he's based in Singapore anyway) but the food is pretty good too. There's still quite a number of other dishes for me to try so I'll update this post as I eat more.

Restoran Kukus Stim Habis

26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Tel. : +603-7731 3559
Opening Hours : 9:00am - 9:00pm
Waze https://waze.to/lr/hw283beuh7







Making My Perfect Half Boiled Egg

I've been asked to share some tips on making half boiled eggs as friends always see me posting photos of eggs that I make on Facebook. So to appease the requests even though it might not be as perfect as those done by professionals, here's the tips:

1. Bring water to a boil (in the pot) and turn off flame.

2. Placed eggs into the pot and set timer for 3 1/2 minutes (for room temperature eggs) / 7 minutes (for eggs from fridge).

3. Remove eggs from pot and break the shells.

For those of you who wants to make Soft Boiled Eggs,

1. Bring water to a boil (in the pot) and turn off flame.

2. Placed eggs into the pot and set timer for 5 minutes (for room temperature eggs) / 8 1/2 minutes (for eggs from fridge).

3. Remove eggs from pot, serve on a egg cup and tap the shell gently from the top to break.

4. Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste.

A point to remember is that even after you remove the eggs from the hot water, it will still continue to cook inside the shell, so leave it in the shell for too long and you'd get a different result.

Bonus tip: For Hard Boiled Eggs, whether you're deshelling a single egg or a large amount of eggs in the fastest way possible. I do this often when I was helping out at a relative's restaurant and we need to get food prepared in the most efficient manner.

1. Place eggs into container

2. Pour water in - about 1/4 of the bowl would do.

3. Place a lid (or a plate) over the container

4. Shake and watch the shells get shed from the white.

Do you have any other tips that you know is good? Do share with us by commenting below.

Ganja Rice Lunch @ Yong Suan Restaurant Ipoh

There's plenty of parking space across the road (just saying)

Over the years, this little restaurant in Ipoh has created such a name for itself that the authorities have gone in to try to shut it down before because of the choice of words used for the waggey rice. Yes, our authorities get jumpy over small issues like that (making a mountain out of a mole hill) while bigger issues that affect the national interest get swept under the carpet. All because the people that patronized the place calls the food Nasi Ganja or Ganja Rice. Now, it's also because of all the brouhaha by the authorities and the media that actually elevated the popularity of the place. What was once well known among the residence of Ipoh and the surrounding town has also become popular with local tourists from other states.

Naturally, the traffic grew and lines start to form, I still remember the first time I ate there many many moons ago, there's no such thing as a long line queuing up to order take away or standing crowd within the restaurant to get a place to seat. My family/friends and I could just walk in, grab a seat and food served within minutes of ordering, and there was also more varieties to choose from!

Crazy crowd that's constantly flowing in...

These days, the operation are more focused on a few items on the dish, the preparation at the counter became more mechanical, just walk up to them (if you are ordering take-away) or let the waiting staff knows how many packets or plates of rice and you'd see the team put everything together for you in seconds.  3 guys at the food station never stopped working, 1 guy would constantly scoop rice onto a plate, 1 guy would scoop the curry and chilly paste while the 3rd guy would place the salted eggs and chicken(s) onto the plate. I stood there watching them work while waiting for my friends and everything moves at a fast and constant pace. The waiters are the ones that had to be vigilant as the plates once receiving all the necessary ingredients are placed on the counter top and it gets crowded if the waiters aren't fast enough to keep up.

Now, before we talk about the dish itself, let us get one thing clear, do not expect the place to be as tidy as a 5 star restaurant, with a nice airy environment with comfortable seats. If you are looking for those kind of place, there's plenty of other restaurants out there. The place is gritty, it has been around for years, the plates are messy with all the delicious sauce and meat. Want a place to seat? Work smart, go in (you don't have to line up), scan the environment, look for the table that is finishing their meal and stand there so that other patrons will know that you have marked that table for you and your mates. If you are there alone, just inform the waiters, they will find a chair to slot you into any of the tables that has available space. It's as simple as that. 

Waiters kept on their toes as the factory churns out plates after plates of nasi ganja

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest as I overheard a family that was well dressed, next to my table, complaining that the place is dirty, the plate doesn't look clean and the chairs are uncomfortable. The head of the family told the wife and children that this is how it has always been (I guess he's the local boy) while the wife constantly wiping every fork and spoon that was served with wet towels and what not. The children constantly complaining that the plate of food doesn't look tasty and what not. I got upset simply because they were quite loud about it. Patrons know what they are asking for eating in this restaurant, if you are unprepared to face the reality then better to find a place you prefer to eat at and stick to it rather than be adventurous to enjoy the varieties of food available across Malaysia because 80% the places serving old school style food looks like this.

Now, on to the food. The texture of the rice was just right, they have mastered the science of using the right amount of water to cook the rice. Not many restaurants in KL could do that consistently. The curry and chilly paste was super spicy! I sweat buckets and downed plenty of drinks just dealing with the spiciness. I ordered the 2 fried chicken because it was yums! You can also order squids but I never knew how to appreciate the rubbery texture of the cephalopod. The price per dish (without the squid) was quite reasonable, 5 plates of Nasi Biasa (the standard order) sets us back less than RM40 which is way cheaper than same order in KL. Mind you, I even ordered extra chicken! The same dish would set us back easily RM8 per plate in KL.

Salted Egg, Fried Chicken and some green decorative which was discarded to my friend's plate after this photo was taken

Now if you are wondering why the name of the restaurant is Yong Suan if it's serving waggey rice? Well, this is one of the typical "Muhibbah" kind of restaurant. Where everyone comes together to serve the community, irregardless of race and religion. The premise and drinks are operated by the Chinese family, while the serving staffs are Malays while the Nasi Ganja was made by the Indians. 1Malaysia. If I could only sit around longer, I'd definitely enjoy the scene before me as the restaurant team works seamlessly together serving every customers that came their way. The 30 minutes I was there, aside from the sound of clashing fork and spoon to plates, there's no clashing of plates and glasses with the floor as the waiters serving drinks and the waiters serving the food move around each other seamlessly without needing to give much signals to each other.

Best time to go? Before 12, that's when everything is piping hot, if you like your food served that way. Not to say that the food isn't hot if you visit after 12, just that the kitchen completes the 1st round of cooking before that and the aroma that floats across the restaurant is just amazing. That's something I always like irregardless of which restaurants I go to, to get there at just the right time when the food has just been cooked, the steam that snakes out of the dishes basically fills the room/area with a nice warm aroma that makes our mouth water.

There's no individual dish rating here compared to my other food posts simply because they only serve 1 dish, it's either you take it or leave. Personally, I'd stop by this place whenever I am in Ipoh, just for the fried chicken. I'm pathetic when it comes to spicy food so unless I'm here with friends, alone, I will just order the chicken and enjoy ravaging it in the car like a neanderthal before I reach my Ipoh home. So if you wonder why I only put the food at 3/5 since I sing highly about it, well, it loses a star because it's too spicy for my pathetic palate.

Nasi Ganja @ Yong Suan

4, Jalan Yang Kalsom, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel. : +60 18-662 7668
Waze https://waze.to/lr/hw0zfhhpdk






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For good health and great sex, drink Coffee

Sometimes, it's nice to come across articles that just makes me perks up. Of course, like all articles online, we have to take them with a pinch of salt. As the saying goes, it's too good to be true. Right? Well, what about articles on coffee? Have a read, decide for yourself if it's true or not, let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

Coffee can be good for the heart

South Korean researchers have found that coffee may boost heart health, with those who drink three to five cups of coffee a day benefiting from a lower risk of clogged arteries that could lead to serious heart problems.

After analyzing data from 25,100 South Korean men and women, one in seven of whom had detectable levels of coronary artery calcium (CAC) – an early sign of coronary heart disease or potential blood clots – the team found that the level of CAC was highest among those who had less than one cup or more than five cups of coffee daily, but lowest among those who drank between three to five cups.

Coffee can help lower the risk of diabetes

A 2014 study found that those who increased their daily caffeine intake by about 1.5 cups of coffee a day over a four-year period had an 11% lower risk for adult-onset diabetes in the subsequent four years than those whose intake remained the same.

The findings also showed that those who made moderate to large decreases in intake (about two cups a day) had an 18% higher risk of developing the disease, suggesting that coffee could have an effect on a short-term basis.

Among the 120,000 health sector workers studied, those with the highest coffee consumption, three cups or more per day, also had the lowest risk of type 2 diabetes – 37% lower than those who consumed a cup or less per day.

Coffee may reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis

The findings of a US and Swedish study which compared more than 1,000 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) to a similar number of healthy people suggested that individuals who drink four to six cups of coffee daily may be less likely to develop the disease.

When compared to those who drank at least four to six cups of coffee per day during the year before symptoms appeared, those who did not drink coffee had about a one and a half times increased risk of developing MS, with similar protective effects also seen among those who drank large amounts of coffee five to 10 years before symptoms appeared.

Coffee may be great for men’s sexual health too.

Coffee can improve erectile dysfunction

A study by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that men who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were less likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED).

Published back in 2015 in the journal PLOS ONE, the findings showed that men who consumed 85-170mg of caffeine a day were 42% less likely to report ED, while those who drank 171-303mg daily were 39% less likely, when compared to those who only drank 0-7 mg a day.

The researchers suggested that the positive effect comes from caffeine triggering a series of pharmacological effects that result in an increase in penile blood flow. – AFP

What say you? Yay? Nay? The coffee enthusiast in me say yay! But I'm still testing out the theory by drinking a few cups a day.

Dinner @ Sushi Zento 膳户 Sunway Giza

This year, since Gabriel's birthday falls on a holiday, I gave him a choice of what to do for the day. From going to a youth event to what to eat for dinner. Restaurant of choice that he decide to bring me for dinner is Sushi Zento 膳户 in Sunway Giza. I think the restaurant has been around for close to a year but we have never stepped into the place. What better time to go check out the restaurant than on our birthday dinner, right?

Space wise, the place is surprisingly big, maybe because of the layout of the tables with the Sushi island right in the middle. It looks to be quite a popular restaurant too with crowd coming in and waiting for a sit even at 8pm. I guess because it's located outside in the open space compared to the 2 other Sushi restaurant that is located on the 1st floor that made it more attractive to passer by.

Got ourselves comfortable and we decide on what to eat for the main course, Grace and Gabriel decide to raid the sushi conveyor. Guess their mom brought them to the place before as they seem to know what is nice to eat and went ahead to pick the dishes for us. Quite a good choice but skipped the salmon sushi even though I was craving for salmon as the display doesn't look that fresh (I've been spoiled by places like Top Catch that serves awesome raw salmon).

Anyway, down to the dishes that was ordered, Grace picked the Kimuchi Ramen, noodles with Roasted Pork Belly, flavored Half Boiled egg and Japanese fish cake in kimchi soup. The spiciness of the soup is quite bearable for my pathetic scoville level. The Pork belly is tender with just the right amount of fats and the portion of noodle is quite big, I was worried that my daughter might have problem finishing it but she pulled through.

Gabriel went for the Nabeyaki Udon, Wheat noodles with Tempura Prawn, Chicken and Egg in Hot Pot. The texture of the udon is soft but the tempura prawn isn't as crunchy as we liked it to be. Portion wise, it's quite big due to the size of the udon but my son had no problem wolfing it down. The soup is nice and clear which is refreshing as some places we go to, you can clearly see the layer of msg floating in the soup.

I had the Buta Kakuni Don, simply because there's the word Buta there which felt funny. It's a nice bowl of Stewed Pork Belly on rice, sadly, it felt quite dry and there is a very strong pork smell on the meat compared to all the pork I've eaten throughout my life.

Not sure if it's the peak hour crowd but the service crew isn't that friendly. We had ice tea to wash the food down and as it's free flow, the waiters are supposed to move around to top up the drinks when the cup was empty, as Grace's dish was quite spicy, she finished her drinks quite fast but despite us waving like lunatics, no waiters came to top up the drinks. For me, when no one wants to serve, and with the jug in grabbing distance, I naturally self serve and pour the drinks for Grace. Only to have a waiter appear out of no where telling us off for touching the jug and mentioned firmly that we are not allowed to touch it and if we need to top up the drinks, we have to ask for the waiters to do it. 

Personally, if the waiter never come around to tell us off for serving ourselves, I wouldn't have walked off with a foul taste in my mouth. But sadly, even though the food are edible, the service just pushed it down the drain.

Sushi Zento 膳户 Sunway Giza

Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel. : +60 3-6158 9961
Waze https://waze.to/lr/hw281zv8dk






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KFC's Top Secret Recipe - Could this be real?

Could this the real deal? The 11 herbs and spices that makes up the Kentucky Fried Chicken's secret recipe? Chicago Tribune recently did a story on Colonel Sanders and his Kentucky Fried Chicken, This is one of those stories. A mix of memory, mystery and a pinch of "what if?" It involves one of the best-kept culinary secrets of all time, and the man who's arguably the original celebrity chef.

The real Colonel was a bespectacled, white-haired guy named Harland David Sanders who spawned a fast-food empire. For decades, "The Colonel" was synonymous with snow-colored suits, black string ties and "finger lickin' good" chicken coated in a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

Attempts to unearth the Colonel's Original Recipe, or replicate it, have been made too many times to count. For KFC Corp., keeping the elusive mix of 11 herbs and spices under wraps has been paramount — not to mention a great marketing tool.

The recipe is, without question, a secret as juicy as well-fried fowl — and has been for the better part of a century.

That's until recently when the Tribune reporter met up with Joe Ledington in Corbin, Kentucky, where the Colonel first served his chicken more than 75 years ago to hungry motorists at the service station he ran. The 67-year-old retired teacher has spent his entire life in Appalachia. He still lives in the house in which he grew up, just north of the city limits of Corbin, a town of about 7,300. He shared with the reporter about "Old Man Sanders", his uncle, and flipping through the scrapbook he kept drew up a lot of interesting stuff, based on what is reported. But the aim here is the recipe!

The handwritten list of 11 herbs and spices, jotted down on the back of a document Joe Ledington described as the will for Claudia Sanders, the Colonel's second wife. Could this be what I think it is? The 11 herbs and spices?

"That is the original 11 herbs and spices that were supposed to be so secretive," said Ledington with conviction. "I mixed them over the top of the garage for years," he recalls, noting that the job came with the fringe benefit of getting to use the swimming pool at Sanders' motel-restaurant complex — a nice perk during the hot summer months.

The main ingredients for the coating, according to this recipe, are paprika (4 tablespoons), white pepper (3 tablespoons) and garlic salt (2 tablespoons). But Ledington says one ingredient is the real star.

"The main ingredient is white pepper," he says. "I call that the secret ingredient. Nobody (in the 1950s) knew what white pepper was. Nobody knew how to use it."

The Colonel's nephew isn't the first person to claim he may hold the secret to KFC's success.

On the internet, cooks have posted copycat recipes they say replicate the original. Only a few of those contain the white pepper Ledington claims is key.

A KFC spokesperson responded about the article via email:

"In the 1940's, Colonel Sanders developed the original recipe chicken to be sold at his gas station diner. At the time, the recipe was written above the door so anyone could have read it. But today, we go to great lengths to protect such a sacred blend of herbs and spices. In fact, the recipe ranks among America's most valuable trade secrets."

Anyway, now that we have it, why not give it a try and let me know if you are able to replicate the KFC flavor to the chicken you eat?

11 spices — mix with 2 cups white flour

  • 2/3 tablespoon salt 
  • 1/2 tablespoon thyme 
  • 1/2 tablespoon basil 
  • 1/3 tablespoon oregano
  • 1 tablespoon celery salt 
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper 
  • 1 tablespoon dried mustard 
  • 4 tablespoons paprika 
  • 2 tablespoons garlic salt 
  • 1 tablespoon ground ginger 
  • 3 tablespoons white pepper
Time to go make some fried chicken!

Dinner @ Cabbages & Condom, Bangkok

An interesting restaurant to check out while in Bangkok was this place: Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant. Yup, that’s the name of the restaurant. It’s definitely one of those tourists haunts as that’s where we’d want to go check out when we visits foreign lands. Right? The unique thing about C&C is that The Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) Restaurant is uniquely decorated with condoms from all over the world plus messages and photos that support family planning. Yes, the whole restaurant is littered with condoms!

Located at Sukhumvit Soi 12, you won’t be able to spot the venue from the main road but if you are taking a cab, just tell the cab driver to bring you into Sukhumvit Soi 12 and you should be able to spot the signage to the restaurant about 200 meters into the road.

After all the oops and the aaahs, my friends and I settled down on a table on the 1st floor overlooking the restaurant below and proceed to place our orders. Before any food was picked, we had our customary coconut to chill the body after spending a day at the pool.

The first dish that came is a traditional Thai appetiser to get us ready for the main course, the Mieng Khum, consist of lemon, dried shrimp, peanut, ginger, deep fried coconut, chill, shallots and some special sauce all wrapped in wild betel leaves. It brings back memories of chilling in the kampung and some of the older kampung ladies sharing their betel leaves with me and my friends as we play by the river. Ah.. the good times....


Now, a proper meal for me is never complete without a plate of pork! so I ordered the Moo Tod Kra Time Phrik Thai or simply Deep Fried Pork with pepper and garlic. The pork's a tad lean and dry compared to the way I usually like my pork but heck, it's pork. So it's good!


The next dish that arrived I think is the Sea Food Kha Ta Ron, which is Stir Fried Seafood with Chilli and herbs served in hot pan. I could be wrong so do correct me if you know the name of this dish. Can't really say much about this as I didn't have any of it.


And what Thai dinner if there's no Tom Yam right? We had the Gang Kiew Wan Gung, shrimps in green curry with round eggplants. Surprisingly, none of the Tom Yam I had in Bangkok during my trip was spicy which is fantastic for me! I can't eat spicy food so I had a blast with all the tom yam that was served!


And while we chill and chat before heading back to the hotel for our next activity, we had the Som Tum Thai or Thai Spicy papaya salad.  To think that it'll just be plain but the way it was prepared is quite interesting.


And to compliment all the food, I had the Khao Niao or sticky rice instead of the usual plain rice. I'm not really a rice person, hardly eat much of it as part of my meals but glutinous rice is among those I like and eating it with my hands and dipping them into the sauces and curry is fun in a weird way.

It's truly an interesting restaurant to visit, for first time visitors to Bangkok, it's definitely a must-go place to check out if you are thinking of what to eat around the Sukhumvit area.

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

Hours: 11.00am - 11.00pm (Every day)
Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw4rw0hxfz








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