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10 Reasons Why You should Date A Man Who Dances

Some time back, one of the posts that goes around the dance community was one about "Why we should date a girl who dances". Well, I made a quick search on search engines and came out empty, not a single post that represent the guys so I figured, why not? Let's do my own list!

So here's my Top 10 reasons!

1. We are taught make the woman look and feel good.
We don’t force a move on our partner, we do the invitation and it is up to the girl to follow. Even a simple cross body lead, we can lead the woman into the move, it is up to the woman to choose to do a simple CBL or she can add in a bit of flair by including a bit of styling here and there to spice things up. It's all her choice.

 2. We know how to protect our partner.
On the social dance floor, one of the hazard of salsa dancing is the close proximity of the dancers around us. And when everyone is going all out in executing their moves and routines on the dance floor, elbows will fly and sharp heels lands everywhere. As the lead, we make sure all those “attacks” don’t land on our partner so she will feel safe in our arms.

3. We don’t crack under pressure.
Through practice and by listening to a lot of music, we won’t freeze up on the dance floor when a new song is played. We learn to keep our cool and go with the flow until we get familiarize ourselves to the music/beat. Even if we get some of our timing off, we know how to recover well. It's all part of the dance.

4. We are Confident.
One thing for sure when it comes to dancing is we have to be confident, in order to make the woman feel good dancing with us. We might only have a small repertoire of moves that we learn from class but if we can pull them off confidently, we will definitely make our partner look good. When you dance with your partner, look her in the eyes throughout the song when you are facing her. That shows her you are confident and know what you are doing.


5. We are Creative.
Partner dancing unlike club dancing requires us to be a bit more creative to keep the dance interesting for our partner. There are expectations from the woman and it is the man’s job to execute them. Understand what our partner like and be creative, surprise her with the occasional dip here and a spin there.

6. We know how to Groom ourselves.
Aside from just knowing to dance, another thing about dancers is we know how to groom ourselves. We always try to look our best, be it when we step into the dance club or it’s the 10th dance into the night and we sweat like no one’s business. We always have a towel around and some spare change of clothes to keep ourselves dry and look good. We look good, we feel good, we dance good.

7. We have Good Stamina.
We can dance way into the night, only stopping for the change of clothes and to rehydrate ourselves. If you think playing 90 min of football is tiring, try dancing for 4 - 5 hours straight with the occasional 1 song to rest, change and rehydrate. We can last the distance!

8. We have Good Control.
We might be confident, have plenty of  stamina and creativity on the dance floor but if we don't have control. We might not get that second dance with the same girl again the whole night.  Every music is different, every dance has a different interpretation to it. Able to dance to the song whether it is slow or fast is one thing, learning to control how we dance to the song is another. A lot of times, it's not about seeing who can pull off the most fancy lifts or dips or spins on the dance floor but it's more about how we control the pace of the dance. When to pull off those dips or spins and when to go back to basics is all about control.

9. We respect our partner
Another thing that dance has taught me is about respecting our partner. Not that we are not taught that growing up but in social dancing, it plays a big role. We learn to respect the comfort zone of the woman we dance with. Some don't like to dance in a close hold position, some don't like to be dipped, some don't like to be spun multiple times. We find out and we make sure that we don't cross that boundary.

10. We are Caring
All in all, we are caring when it comes to our partner. All the 9 reasons above all boils down to this. Through dance, we learn what our partner wants, likes and dislike. We learn when it's good to get close and when not to. We know where the boundary is set, we might flirt along the boundary but we never overstep it unless we are invited to. And we care about how our partner feels. At the end of the dance, we prefer to see our partner smile and want us more.

Well, that's 10 that I could think of, if you have more to add on, do feel free to share at the comment box below.

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