Thursday, July 28, 2016

Experiencing Nasa Vegas Hotel @ Bangkok, Thailand

I stumbled upon this hotel through one of the online Hotel booking sites when I was searching for a cheap accommodation in Bangkok. Now, if you're just looking for a cheap place and not too worried about location, this is it. 4 Star hotel, huge rooms and at an affordable price, where else can we get that?

Now, here's a tip for you travelers going into a destination where language is pretty much the main barrier, print out the name of the hotel and keep it safe with you. Why? Cause if you plan to take the tuk-tuk or cabs in Bangkok, just show them the address and they'll whisk you there, if you try to verbally say the name, chances are, they get it wrong and take you to some other places. Of course, with UBER, it's easier as most of the cars will be equipped with Waze (see bottom of this post for the waze URL).

Check-In process should not take long once you have all the right documents printed (online booking form and passport). Took them about 15minutes to process everything and guide me to my room.

Room wish, it's pretty huge, like I mean, I can have a party in here kind of huge and I only paid 1,500 baht per night (flash deals rocks!). Now, the view might not be great cause I was staring at a construction site but heck, the only time I'm at the room is when I return to it to sleep! So no big deal. To some, the place might look slightly old but once you get past that, the place is pretty neat. All the necessary stuff is there, a comfortable bed, an air-cond that pumps out cold air, a CRT TV that works even though every channel is in Thai. And a working toilet!


The toilet pretty basic, hot and cold showers are available, a bath tub that can fit a full grown man if I'm sitting up, a functioning throne. Again, everything looks old so you'd just have to bear with it.


Now, when I talked to the Manager while waiting for a cab to the heart of the shopping district, she told me that they are in the midst of refurbishing and updating the place. Which is a fantastic thing to hear as the surrounding area is being revitalized.

The one issue that I faced with this hotel is, if I were to take the BTS and the MRT to Central Mall or Platinum Mall, I have to get on 3 different lines from the Ramkhamhaeng MRT (it's just across the road from the hotel). Each trip takes about an hour including the walk between stations as the BTS and the MRT lines are not linked directly.

Get one of those pre-paid cards and you'll be fine as you just tap as you go rather than lining up for tickets at each station you switched to.

Even by cab or UBER, it's a good 30minutes drive provided there's not much traffic and they hop onto the highways. Some cabs tries to take you on a longer route to charge you higher but once you can identify the roads, you can tell them the routes you want them to use instead.

So if you've no issues with location of the hotel, this is one of those place I discovered. I've stayed there a few more times since the first discovery but then, I'm lucky that there are friends that would give me a ride back to the hotel after a night of dancing in Bangkok.

Nasa Vegas Hotel Bangkok

44 sukhumvit 71 ramkhamhaeng Rd. suanluang,
Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand









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