Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to earn money from your content on Facebook, esp video!

On Wednesday, Facebook released a post with guidelines on what publishers and what content can earn money from sharing to or posting on the site. Making money from Facebook includes content sponsored by a brand, sites featuring ads from Facebook Audience Network, ads in Facebook Instant Articles, or ad breaks in Facebook videos.

The standards are pretty clear about nine categories banned from making money via Facebook:

  1. Misappropriation of Children's Characters
  2. Tragedy and Conflict (ex. natural disasters, crime, self-harm)
  3. Debated Social Issues (ex. attacks on people or groups) 
  4. Violent Content (against people or animals) 
  5. Adult Content (ex. nudity, explicit or suggestive positions) 
  6. Prohibited Activity (ex. sale or use of illegal products) 
  7. Explicit Content (ex. blood, medical procedures, gore)
  8. Drugs or Alcohol Use
  9. Inappropriate Language

There's also a new tool to update publishers if their content is disabled from advertising. You can then appeal within the system directly on the site. A step forward in terms of transparency for publishers to take immediate actions.

Along with this update, Facebook is cracking down on fake news as well, Pages that repeatedly share fake news by third-party checkiers will no longer be able to participate in revenue programs, this along with the fact that Pages that share fake news will not be allowed to pay for promoted posts on News Feed.

Publishers making money from Facebook is, as always, a work in progress. Facebook is instituting its new feedback loop to videos with ad breaks first and later expand the effort to Instant Articles.

Hopefully, soon, they'd allow more pages and profiles to join the ranks of those who has started to earn from posting contents on Facebook.

Is your page getting monetization from Facebook?

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